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Moving over to Arleykins in hopes I'll be able to focus on up-keeping my art on numerous places.
Unfortunately, I haven't been updating DeviantArt lately so I don't have my new examples in my gallery as of yet (I'll probably upload them in a bit) but I'd really appreciate it if anyone interested took a look at my tumblr post. It has more updates, and it lists my prices and stuff.

If interested, click here.
I COMPLETELY forgot to see if people here knew i had one OOPS. I do. I have two actually but one is pretty irrelevent. my main blog is here A lot of reblogs and random shit and ART OHMY. a lot of my art gets posted there first nowadays instead of the artsites so follow me if you have a tumblr/if you want to! \o/
well, couldnt hurt to come back to dA. Although, its pretty laggy for me, but its a good way to post my art on another site only than just one. x_x
this journal will prolly update every now and again when I change the prices.

Sketches (any picture just on paper)
Bust/headshots - $4.
Full Bodies - $5.

Bust/Headshot - $7.
Full Bodies - $10.

Normal - $5
Animated - $7

Bust/Headshot - $10.
Full Bodies - $13.

Full Digital
Bust/Headshot - $14.
Full Bodies - $15.
Full Bodies w/ bg - $17.
Things I will draw:
any body type (the more 'curvey' and muscley types I'm not pro at but can still do)
SOME fetishes talk with me 'bout it first
the basics

Things I might draw:
fetish (just like above)

Things I WONT draw:
ferals (monsters dont count)
my char x your char


1) There might be a time where I might have to cancel your commission. If I do though I will refund you in full when I do however.

2) When I do my commissions, I start by showing you the sketch and, after approval, I'll either start it right afterwards or if I get any open time/motivation. I'll also tell you when it should be done, and it usually will take a few days. If it takes longer, something relating to my family or just emotional problems.

3) I have the right to revoke your commission for whatever reason, probably I dont like what you commissioned for, bad vibe that something bad would happen during the process or whatnot, but dont be offended by it. I dont hate people without reason to.

4) I require at least half payment upon the start of the commission, and once the sketch has been approved, I ask for the second half of the payment unless the commission has been paid in full at the start obviously.

5) Porn commissions, while probably rare, will take longer due to family hiding reasons. I'll keep the commissioner updated on progress however if they feel the need to 'check up' on it occassionally. They also will take me longer to color since I will have to wait until late night to get onto the desktop to color (thanks to tablet no longer working with the laptop.)

6) If something happens and you need to cancel the commission and be refunded, I'll be happy to oblidge. However, if its been past the lineart stage, I dont know if I'd do it unless you desperately needed the money.

7) I won't redo the commission if you've already told me you're happy. After the APPROVED sketch, if you wanted something changed from the sketch then you can let me know and I can alter some things.<i>

*to do* list

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 17, 2009, 4:50 AM
Testing out the skin lol

Mmk well this'll just be for me so I can keep track of what I'm doing. lol

Btw, there's still time for the 15,000 kiriban :3 keep track of those pages.</i>


1)Guchie x2(1/2 done)
2)Kheelan (Faz/Shading)

Digital Art

1)Guchie x2(1/2 done)

Reference Sheets

1)Amber x2(1/2 done)

If I have forgotten to do a commission for you, please note me or post here so I can actually get to work on that. I forget sometimes, y'know? :l

Instead of replying to everyone's comments on my previous journal, I just decided to update instead of comstantly repeating myself. Yes, obviously by the journal title, my grandmother is now dead. She died this morning when my mom was going to the store. She was breathing before she left then when she left she just ended up stopping. This is what my mom told me. I just layed in bed for a while trying to not think about it then I played Twilight Princess, got bored, then went in my moms' room to watch TV. The whole time I was trying to avoid going into the living room because I didn't want to see my grandmother actually dead. I just can't process the information like normal. Then when I was watching cartoons my dad decided to come in and be a therapist and started making me cry like all therapists do to me. I wonder if I'll have to start taking depression pills because as I type this I'm crying and to repeat myself or hear others talking about how sorry they are to me it makes me cry more.
Well it seems that it's turning out that my grandma's gonna die soon; her body is starting to prove the statement. She's always sleeping now, and she's not eating all that much. She's starting to decline. So I know that she won't be around for very long...
Well school started again today, and when I came back home I was so tired and worn out it was rediculous. I'm tired as I'm typing this. And I'm actually doing my homework at home this time rather than doing it before the class. My commissions might be rather dead for a while cause I'm constantly tired and Weight Training's gonna end up tiring me out.

In other news, my grandma might be coming home either tomorrow or thursday, depending on the results from the exams on the fluid in her lungs. Now they're checking for cancer.
edit2: My grandma's back in the hospital. She's been wheezing and my mom came back and told me that my grandma had a mild heartattack in the hospital, and she didn't even feel her heart shocking thing that I can't think of the name atm. But now she's in a better hospital than what was in Allegan, where there's lung sergeons and stuff. My mom doesn't know how long she's gonna be in the hospital this time.

edit: my grandma's back home and she hasn't really been hacking up things lately. Maybe the fluid stopped getting into her lungs now. n_n

[original message]
baww this is a rant don't continue if you don't give a fuck

my grandma's in the hospital again. She wasn't even out of the hospital for 8 hours before having to go back. she had to get some liquid drained from her lungs and they drained it right before she came home and she had to go back to the hospital before my mom went to work. This is really annoying. But at least she's in the hospital where people know wtf they're doing instead of having her in our appartment hacking up a lung and puking here and there.
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yap todays' my b-day. Gimme something. Idk.
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k time for me to update. well seeing most of the people who watch me either watched me because they know me, or they watched me because I forced them to. But lately some people have been watchin' me after some of my later deviations. So the question at hand is:

HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK I'VE IMPROVED? dunno. felt like asking.
apparently i'm a no-talent hack that kisses peoples' ass for art and alts. and apparently I give an arm and a leg for alts. I paid 50 gds for roy and they think I gave an arm and a leg for it, when people pay over 200+ fucking dollars for a naruto alt. So the people, YES I KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU FAGGOTS, need to grow up n.n

k done squeeing.
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Yep. XD Me and :iconmsmeli: are now official collab partners and stuff. Check out our new dA. :iconsymley: START WATCHING US NAO O<<<

Commissions: closed

Gifts: friends only

Art trades: full
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Well because I know my friend won't shut up until I do, xD go check out :iconmysticbynd: She draws epic cute stuff. And she needs more watchers. that and she'll finally be happy since I posted her in my dA. ._o She's new to Furcadia too so yea XD
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Wewt. I'm finally back into the hang of making ports. :3 My commissions are open guys! You should remember my prices. 5-10GDS or a space. :B I'm gonna have 3 open slots and if you guys wanna commission, note me or whisper me on Arley on Furc. XD You should all know the drill. :B Also, trades are also open. I still have yet to do some.

Train (Seizhure)

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Yeap. Apparently, Congress are trying to pass a law to remove copyright off of all art. EVERY piece of art. And you have to PAY to have it copyrighted. Here's for more info.…
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Welp, me and :iconaashur: were talking about some ideas about Rocker!Zack and Rocker!Reno, and after I made the reference sheet, I got an idea. I'm actually gonna turn this into a project. We already have most of the band set out, we just have to actually try drawing their outfits and get them posted. I was planning on making like, a comic outta it too :B This was the comic project I was talking about like, a while back.


Well, me and :iconaashur: started by making Rocker!Zack and Rocker!Reno, so the thing that instantly popped into my mind was rocker forms of characters from Final Fantasy 7. And so far, we've gotten a few people to get the job done. :B

Zack is the Electric Guitarist.
Reno is the Lead Singer.
Cloud is the Bassist.

And that's all we've got so far. We're still trying to get more characters into this, and I'm trying to find a good name for the project we're working on. Ideas would be really appretiated! :3